Virtual Team Management (Bite Size)

What is a Virtual Team?

A virtual team is a team in which proposal team members are geographically distributed and interact primarily through electronic means.
Virtual teams can also include peripheral team members, such as SMEs, and team members from partner companies. A virtual team relies primarily on electronic communication, such as emails, faxes, teleconferences, and virtual meetings.

Tips to effectively manage a Virtual Team:

Create A Virtual Proposal Centre

Since meeting team members face-to-face is highly rare, create a Virtual Proposal Center. It is a platform to share resources and information with team members. Define the features found in your virtual proposal centre such as document sharing, scheduling, version control, or estimating and pricing to your team members.

Set A Foundation For Clear Communication

Define the roles of each team member. Create a master schedule that the team can access, and keep the schedule updated in real-time as priorities shift. Understand the preference, schedule and level of expertise of each team member.

Communicate Clearly By Email And Phone

Increase the times and ways you communicate with your team and individual teammates. Schedule regular meetings at the same time and use the same method. Improve email communication by creating a standardized and definite mailing format. Use different techniques to strengthen communication and build rapport among teams.

Conduct Virtual Reviews

Conducting reviews help in setting clear goals and clearing any doubts. The types of review your team has should not differ from those of a regular proposal team. These include:

  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Daily Stand-Up Review
  • Document Reviews

Closeout Projects Upon Completion.

Establish when to close the virtual proposal centre, if not defined by your IT department. Move or archive documents and files to your internal file storage. Remove all access rights for team members.

Updated July 2022

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