Team Selection and Management (Execution Plan)


Project Team

The Project Team is a group of several people called to work together on a project. It consists of experts from different fields. Knowledge, skills and experience of each member of the team is the key to success. An effective project team determines the success of a project.

Importance of developing effective teams

There are more experts within organizations whose talents need to be integrated into a larger task. More organizational members want to become involved in their total work environment. The benefits of people working together can result in important synergy and creativity. Effective team building also leads to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Steps to Select an effective team

Understand the project needs

Spend time and effort in completely understanding and analyzing what the project is all about. Identify and break down the necessary steps and resources needed for attaining the final goal. Project parameters that are likely to influence team selection and composition must be identified.

Identify and appoint the right project manager

A project manager is the initiator to projects and is responsible of a project till its completion. This is the most important and key role within a project.Find the right person who has the requisite knowledge and skills to lead a team.

Select team members that meet the needs of the project

Identify a possible pool of team members based on the task skills needed for team effectiveness.Select members based on the teamwork skills. Pick and choose the best executives and managers who could contribute to making a difference.

Supplement the team with experts to cover gaps in project needs

Recruit the needed specialists and experts to complete the project along the way.Team must be fully equipped with the needed resources and skilled personnel.

Monitor team performance

The main job of the Project Manager is to monitor the team’s performance. Conduct meetings frequently and always update team members on the latest tasks. Communication is key in this stage. Make sure that the team meets the set goals

Tips for Effective Team Building and Management

Try to blend individual interests with the overall project objectives.Fully explain the scope of the project and the forthcoming rewards on completion to all members.Determine how the overall project can best be divided into subsystems and subtasks.Conduct regular status review meetings to keep team informed on progress.Assure that all parties understand the overall and interdisciplinary project objectives. Clear and frequent communication with senior management and the client becomes critically important.

Updated July 2022

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