Review Management (Execution Plan)


What is a Review?

A review is a critical evaluation of a document or text. A valuable and exemplary review is a process that provides an objective reality check from a fresh, unbiased, customer-based viewpoint.

Why is Review Management Necessary?

Effective functional review management shows executive and organizational commitment to a disciplined business acquisition. Well planned reviews throughout the proposal process ensure compliance, completeness, and a higher probability of winning bids.

Reviews help in identifying the applicable building blocks for persuasive proposals at the right time. Following a managed team-review process enhances the probability of overall Business Development success.

Certain Guidelines for Review Management 

Standardize Company Review Templates

Review templates should be standardized for each primary type of review. This increases efficiency and enables review teams to be more productive.

Establish Review Teams Early

Proposal review teams need time to become familiar with the proposed strategies and solutions to be effective. The review team lead can make the difference between a great review and a mediocre review.

The review team leader must be skilled in the type of review they lead. They must have good organizational, communication, and leadership skills and have a highly competitive nature.

Keep The Same Core Team Throughout The Review Cycle

Keeping the same people on the review team across reviews enables team members to learn with the performance team. It also reduces conflicts.

Incorporate Teammates Into Reviews

Wherever appropriate, supplement the internal review team with members from the organization’s teaming partners.

Use Consultants In Reviews As Needed

Consultants can be excellent sources of customer knowledge and preferred solutions. Business consultants can identify problems or issues regarding the proposals and provide simple remedies that increase the probability of success, with little additional cost.

Conduct Effective Review Kickoffs And Debriefings

Effective kickoffs increase review value. Plan the kickoffs carefully; ensure enough time is allowed and ensure clear instructions are provided to review teams to yield rapid, useful results.

Record Comments And Decide Which To Incorporate

Review-team comments must be recorded, analysed, and prioritized for action. Comments should address risks as well as strengths and weaknesses associated with each reviewed item.

Debrief Management On Review Results

Management should always be debriefed on review results.  This ensures continued engagement and awareness into progress for business win activities

Updated July 2022

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