Gate Decisions (Bite Size)

What are the Gate Decisions?

Gate decisions or Bid decisions are used for making effective decisions regarding a business. Gate decisions help in having a stronger focus on opportunities with a higher win probability. It helps to critically evaluate each opportunity.

Given below are some tips on making effective gate decisions:

Make A Series Of Gate Decisions

Gate decisions must be organized to achieve organizational objectives with relation to cost, success rate and competition. They are normally organized around certain milestones related to business opportunities.

Standardize Company Templates And Schedules

Standardized templates and schedules promote effective decision-
making. Meeting dates are known, expectations are set, and information to be presented for the decision is defined and understood. Templates for the reviews are generally created in presentation or word processing software.

Set Expectations For Information Maturation Across The Gate-Decision Cycle

Effective gate-decision processes acknowledge that with the right actions taken by the opportunity team, information quality on an opportunity increases over time. Organizations must set reasonable expectations for information quality and maturity at various gate decisions.

These expectations must be understood by presenters and reviewers. Information for gate decisions should be collected continuously throughout the bid process.

Determine Bid And Proposal Investment

Pursuing and winning business is not cheap. Cost should always be determined based on what it will cost to win, not what it will cost to bid.

Establish Company-Appropriate Decision Criteria

Develop first-order decision criteria to enable the rapid elimination of opportunities that do not contribute to the organization’s objectives.

Updated July 2022

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