Follow Up in Sales (Bite Size)

Why are sales follow up important?

Industry statistics suggest that only 2% (or 1 in 50) deals are struck in the first meeting. Prospects need time to develop a certain level of trust and be convinced that you meet their requirements. A strategic and optimized sales follow-up process is important to get the outcomes you want when pursuing a prospect.

When to follow up and how?

After The Initial Contact

Industry experts say, 80% of sales happen after at least five follow-ups; after initial contact, send follow-up emails/or make calls at strategic times. Anticipate and be prepared to handle the typical objections your prospect may have, to move forward in the process.

After Formally Making The Pitch

Appreciate the lead, recognize and restate their pain points, answer any questions that surfaced during the meeting and end your follow-up with a call-to-action.

After Closing The Sale

Follow up to build and maintain long term relationships. Use this approach: keep a schedule of when to follow up, choose an appropriate method (decide between face to face, phone or email), reiterate your appreciation and actively ask about any concerns the customer has.

Sales Follow Up: Tips

Schedule And Automate Follow-Ups

Schedule your messages – use CRM or email productivity tools to compose and schedule emails to send at a later date.

Keep Emails Crisp And Short

Brief, to the point emails are more likely to get you a response.

Back Up Your Claims

Back up your statements with a convincing metric, result or customer testimonial.

Updated July 2022

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