Features, Advantages & Benefits (Bite Size)

These three concepts are necessary for any successful, effective sales strategy. They are needed both in sales proposals and in-person to communicate your product well and increase your chances of success. Often salespeople omit key things that link the three ideas together. A balanced, inclusive combination of the three are needed for successful sales.

How To Outline Good Features, Advantages & Benefits?

Work closely with the customer to get an idea of their needs

You cannot accurately or successfully include good features, advantages and benefits unless you know the customer and what they want well. Everyone in your team needs to have a good understanding of the customer’s needs

Often, a lot of sales teams and professionals misunderstand the customer’s needs and potential benefits. Everyone in your team needs to be fully aware, from the proposal writers to the sales staff.

Try to convert all of your advantages to benefits

Advantages are good in the early stages of your sales process but once you start to know the customer better, you know enough to convert them to benefits.

Always put extra emphasis on benefits

In complex sales processes, the customer always chooses the proposal with the most benefits. Features place emphasis on the seller and not the customer, whereas benefits put customers and their needs first.

Always quantify benefits as much as possible

When you make the effort to quantify the benefits, customers are able to make a value decision and choose you because they realize the benefits outweigh the cost of the product. If you quantify the benefits as a seller, you’ll find not only does it force collaboration with the customer, but it also sharpens your vision.

Updated July 2022

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