Executive Summaries (Execution Plan)


What are Executive Summaries?
The executive summary is sometimes the only page which evaluators and customers look at, and can set the entire tone of your proposal in just a few pages.

Top Tips for your Executive Summary

An executive summary is non-negotiable.

Clearly state how you can meet the customer’s needs and what solutions you have for them.
Provide proof for your claims and how you are better than your competitors.

It should always be customer-focused.

As we have discussed in other courses, customer-focused materials are understood but rarely properly implemented. All of your executive summary should follow the main customer focus principles.

Always use your existing sales strategy.

If you do not use and build upon your existing sales strategy, you risk mixing your message with your customer.

Organize the content to be clear and persuasive

The four-box template is one of the best methods to organize content clearly and
effectively and make sure that your customer is delivered a successful and concise

Always formulate your executive summary using proven methods

Always choose executive summary methods which have been cultivated through decades of consulting and organization experience. Things like customer focus, draft reviews with customer coach and visual techniques are tried, tested and successful techniques.

Always follow the accepted, abbreviated practice when preparing the executive summary on short notice.

If you are forced to draft an executive summary on short notice, you should use the abbreviated procedure.

An effective executive summary highlights the salient features of your proposal and improves the chances of winning the bid.

Updated July 2022

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