Discriminators (Bite Size)

What are Discriminators?

Discriminators are parts of your solutions which set yourself apart from competitors but also show the customer that they are important. Both conditions must be met for your proposal to be successful. Discriminators are only discriminators if they matter to the customer – if they do not, they are not termed, discriminators. Similarly, the strongest discriminators will be the ones that matter most to the customer.

Top Tips for Effective Discriminators

Understand Your Customer

You need to understand your customer, your competitors and yourself before you outline your discriminators. Discriminators must be important to the customer, you need to understand both the customer and your business well before you outline them.

Balance Both Discriminators

You need to outline both positive and negative discriminators and position them accordingly. Not all discriminators must be positive 100% of the time – this may seem not genuine to the customer if it avoids facts. Include both positive and negative discriminators and balance them appropriately.

Re-evaluate Accordingly

Always re-evaluate whether or not the discriminators are still true. Business needs and the business environment is always changing – if you tie yourself to a discriminator which you rely on and it changes, you could find your proposal quickly becomes irrelevant to the consumer.

Keep Defining Your Discriminators

By continuing to define your discriminators, you will end up with much more specific, and thus successful, discriminators. If you continually work to define them and figure out why they work, they will over time become much more successful and effective insofar as the customer is concerned.

Focus On Different Aspects

Emphasize discriminators that focus the customer’s business but also on people and performance – these are key attention grabbers. They are either specific business benefits or they contain things that relate to people and performance.

Updated July 2022

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