Customer Focus (Bite Size)

What is Customer Focus?

There are common features which make documents customer focused and there are things every business can use across industries to keep their information customer focused.

Here are some ways to write in a more customer-focused way:

Think From The Customer’s Perspective

Think about the customer organization’s vision. You are much more likely to be successful and be selected if you show you truly understand the customer’s business and needs. You should not simply copy ideas from the bid request, but rather tailor everything to the vision of the customer

Offer The Right Product

Connect this vision to the purchase. Once you have cited the customer’s vision and aligned yourself to that, then you should also link the purchase to that. If the purchase is aligned, you are much more likely to be chosen.

Identify And Include Customer Hot Buttons

Think and quote the customer’s hot buttons. Whenever you place the customer’s hot buttons at the forefront of your bid, they will think about their needs and requirements rather than what you are selling.
Their hot buttons are usually a mixture of their issues, needs and evaluation criteria. You should include two to four hot buttons.

Be Organized

Address the hot buttons in chronological order. You should address your quoted hot buttons in subheadings in the order that they originally appear. This will seem more genuine and authentic to the customer.

You should also follow the wording completely, using the same phrases throughout.

Put The Customer First

You should also put the customer, their needs and vision at the beginning of
paragraphs and sentences before the seller. When referring to the seller, it is
better to use ambiguous terms like ‘partner’ as well – the customer is already well
aware of your name. This appears more customer-focused than constantly referring to your organization.

Benefits Before The Features

You should list the benefits to the customer before you list features. This is similar to the previous two points, insofar as the customer, their needs and interests are put first.

Updated July 2022

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