Content Plans (Execution Plan)


What is a Content Plan?

A proposal content plan is a framework used for planning and developing a compliant, compelling response. It serves as a skeleton of the proposal. It communicates what content will be present in the final work.

Importance of Content Plans

  • A Proposal Content Plan contains all the important details of the proposal.
  • Proposal Content Planning leads to a better proposal for quality validation.
  • It offers a way for numerous people to review and influence the direction of the proposal.
  • It is also used to guide proposal writers.
  • The content plan is a useful quality assurance tool.
  • It enables planners to easily add, delete and rearrange items during the planning process.
  • It used to create consistent, compliant, well-organized proposals.

How to build a Proposal Content Plan? 

Create A Framework

Start the content planning process by building an outline for the proposal. An outline is a list of topics or headings to be covered. Choose an appropriate format that best fits the proposal and team environment.

Insert RFP Requirements

Insert instructions regarding RFP. Addressing RFP requirements will guide the content planning process. RFP instructions will typically specify an outline down to the main headings and issues to focus on.

Win Strategies And Themes

Incorporating win strategies and themes will help in optimizing the proposal against the evaluation criteria. Incorporate customer, opportunity, and competitive intelligence. Address customer needs and potential concerns. Use compliance and response matrices to provide requirements traceability between the customer request and the written offer.

Summarise Offer Design

Include the key processes, steps, or components of solution or offering. Show the benefits of the solution and how it stands apart from the competitors’. Instructions for the use of graphics and tables

Graphics, tables, relevance boxes, examples, etc., are important components of a proposal. Identify graphics to be used and provide details on it. Use examples and tables that validate the proposal.

Add Instructions Regarding Issues

Add instructions regarding any assumptions, limits, boundaries, or issues that must be resolved. This provides more clarity and guides the proposal making process.

Add Any Boilerplate Or Re-Use Material

Add re-use material that is relevant to the instructions, noting any deviations for correction. Old materials provide critical inspiration, acceleration and reduce the workload but ensure that it is adapted to the new requirements.

Updated July 2022

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