Compliance Matrix (Execution Plan)


What is Compliance Matrix?
The compliance matrix is a tool used to help ensure that the proposal responds to and complies with all
RFP requirements. It maps the requirements of the RFP down to the location in the response where the
requirement is answered. It is a tool for managing response preparation and demonstrating compliance
to the customer.

Purpose of a Compliance Matrix:
It shows you what requirements must be addressed in a given section. It enables you to validate that all
requirements have been responded to and makes it easier for you (and potentially your customer) to
understand the RFP and how to navigate your response to it. It also helps Proposal Managers and
Internal Reviewers verify that the proposal meets all requirements. A complex RFP needs a Compliance
Matrix to map the requirements to the outline. A good compliance matrix also serves as a plan of action
for writers.

Building a Compliance Matrix:
Read the RFP thoroughly and from the very beginning make a list of all the requirements identified. The
compliance matrix should capture the requirement, the location of the requirement in the RFP, and the
location in the proposal where the corresponding response appears. It should include the elements for
both the RFP and the proposal response. Create your compliance matrix early in the planning process,
before writing begins, and update it throughout the proposal process.

Best Practices:
Some of the best practices include preparing a compliance matrix for every bid request, building the
compliance matrix early, shredding the RFP line by line, tailoring the compliance matrix for your
customer and setting, creating your compliance matrix using a spreadsheet application, following the
customer’s lead, keeping the compliance matrix up to date throughout the proposal process, submitting
a response matrix with your proposal, enhancing compliance with responsiveness and using the
compliance matrix as a selling tool.

A compliance matrix is both a guide to the evaluator and a checklist for the Proposal Manager to make
sure every requirement is answered. Compliance matrices should be created early in the proposal
process, before writing begins. It also serves as a response assignment matrix for the Proposal Manager
to effectively manage and follow up on responses. A good compliance matrix ensures that all customer requirements have been answered. It should always be used in any proposal in any industry. Proposal
developers can develop a compliance matrix by shredding an RFP line by line.

Updated July 2022

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