Compelling Selling Techniques (Bite Size)

People used to say selling was an art, something you couldn’t learn. Now we know that it is a science and once you learn the techniques, you learn the skill. That’s where Compelling Selling Techniques come in.

There are four, main parts of Compelling Selling Techniques:
1) Value Propositions
2) Proposal Theme Statements
3) Features, Benefits & Discriminators
4) Proof Points

What are Value Propositions?
Value propositions help clients grasp the value of what you are selling compared to other options on the market. It is a statement that specifically address how an offer will positively affect the customer’s business, backed up with proof.The proposition typically contains customer-specific information, i.e. it is targeted towards them. In short, it is why they should choose you and not another offer.

What are Proposal Theme Statements?
Proposal Theme Statements are section/topic/paragraph-level elements that appear in a consistent place and style throughout your bid. The best Proposal Theme Statements tie these elements together:
Features, benefits and potential customer issues.

What are Features, Benefits & Discriminators?
Sellers offer customer features. “What am I selling?”
Customers buy benefits. “Why would they buy it?”
Discriminators help customers decide which seller’s benefits best meet their needs. “Why should they choose me over the competition?”

What are Proof Points?
Proof points give tangible evidence that builds confidence in your solution’s features and benefits.They are built on your past performance and experience. They are facts that provide evidence for your solution’s features and benefits and support your company’s win themes and discriminators. Proof points are meant to make your proposal compelling to a customer.

Compelling Selling Techniques are a useful addition to any proposal writer’s toolkit. A proposal needs to hit the right buttons in order to reach the customer.

Updated July 2022

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