Capture Planning (Bite Size)

What is Capture Planning?

Capture planning is when you evaluate available opportunities and the business environment to implement a strategy aimed at capturing and winning these said specific opportunities.

The aim is to make the customer prefer your proposal and business over others. Capture planning happens in unison with proposal planning and preparation until the opportunity is seized. It is a framework where the capture manager establishes ‘buckets’ or folders which contain opportunity-specific information in several topics.

Steps in Capture Planning

Appoint a capture planning manager

This individual will win the opportunity, manage the process and manage the capture team.

Advocate a capture planning discipline to attract new business.

Capture planning helps sales professionals, senior managers, proposal managers and employees.

Use your capture plan to jump-start the proposal planning process

The capture plan offers a more targeted and streamlined approach to beginning your proposal plan. It saves time on irrelevant material and helps the proposal manager focus more on what material should be included.

Updated July 2022

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