Business Winning Using Bullet Points (Bite Size)

Why Are Bullet Points Important?
Bullet points are used to highlight the important points quickly and efficiently. They can be used to grab the attention of the reader. You can easily build curiosity for the product or service you are trying to offer. You can essential focus the customers’ attention on the benefits of the product. Prospects can quickly scan through the proposal and get an overall idea. Bullet points makes the entire process easier to read and understand.

Stages Of Bullet Writing

Distinguish your biggest strength
Focus on on your strengths that will appeal to the customer and reader.

Make your bullets effective
Each bullet must be valuable and efficient. They should be crisp and informative.

Score your bullet
Arrange your points accordingly.

Fine tune the points
Go back and add missions elements. Clarify benefits, show the uniqueness of the product, add a need for urgency and remove an ambiguity. Refine your points.

Create variety
Make your points interesting and easy to read.

Your entire proposal should not just be in bullets. You should effective transition into and out of bullet points.

Updated July 2022

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