Building a Brand

A brand is a logo, name or identifying mark of a company. It is a way by which
companies distinguish themselves from the crowd. Building a brand and reputation is
highly important in a competitive market.

Why Is Build A Brand?

A company’s logo will often incorporate the message, tagline or product of the
company. The idea is to make the brand memorable. A successful brand accurately
portrays the message of the company which increases brand awareness. Customers
can easily recognise the brand and relate the company with the brand and product.
If done right, a brand results in an increase in sales for not just the specific product
being sold, but also for other products sold by the same company. A good brand
engenders trust in the consumer, and, after having a good experience with one
product, the consumer is more likely to try another product related to the same brand.
This is called brand loyalty.

How To Build A Brand Identity?
There are various factors to be considered when building a brand identity. Firstly, you
need to fully understand the image and message your company wants to project to
the customers. You need to create a comprehensible visual image that is distinct,
memorable and flexible yet apt for the company.
Research is the next step of the process. You need to identify the company's
personae, look into the competition and study the existing brand name. To ensure
that you stand apart from the competition make sure that you study them first. Take to
your employees and customers to fully comprehend how the company is viewed both
externally and internally.
Depending on your brand, your needs may be more expansive, but a basic brand
identity includes: logo, colours, typography, iconography, interactive elements, video
and motion and web design. Once you decide on the key components you should
build a brand style guide. Sometimes a beautifully designed logo is never used or
used incorrectly. A brand style guide should include clear, easy-to-follow guidelines
for every part of the brand identity, including examples.

By keeping these basic concepts in mind you can build a brand identity that will suit
your company needs.

Updated July 2022

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