Bites and Execution Plans Bundle

This BUNDLE Contains

Execution Plans

Fundamentals of digital marketing, Compliance matrix, Team selection and management, Sales pipeline development, Sales prospecting, Creating a sales presentation, Content plan, Review management, Bidder comparison matrix, Effective sales closure, Handling objections in sales, Proposal theme statements, Dealing with negotiations in sales, Value propositions,Create your marketing game plan,Executive summaries

Bite Courses

Customer service, The RPF guide, Building a BrandKnowledge Management, Lesson learnt analysis and management, Colour team review, Opportunity plans, End to end process, Cost and pricing, Inside sales, Proactive proposals, Follow up in sales, Persuasive writing, Virtual team management, Page and document design, Gate decisions, Theme statements, Kick off meeting, Price to win Features, advantages, and benefits, Discrimnators, Daily team management, Customer focus, Capture planning, Bid decisions, Appendices, Active and passive voice, Acion captions,  Business winning using bullet points, Compelling selling techniques, Executive summaries

Updated July 2022

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