Appendices (Bite Size)

What are Appendices?

Appendices are a useful place at the end of your proposal to add additional material. Any information which is useful to all customers (or evaluators) should be placed in the appendices.

Top Tips for using Appendices

Use annexes, appendices and attachments to streamline your proposal

If your proposal contains information only relevant to some customers, you can place it in the appendix and so streamline your proposal.

Limit material you place in appendices or annexes to only relevant additional information

There is no point placing irrelevant information in a section that is meant to be specific to a customer.

Customer requests for additional information is a sales opportunity

If customers request extra information, it is a good sign and should be used as a sales opportunity to seal the deal. They have already shown interest by asking the question!

Mention all appendices in the main body of your proposal

Customers won’t notice the appendices and the specific information in them if you do not mention them in the main body. Include a short summary to let evaluators (customers) decide if they want to look or not.

Updated July 2022

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