Ai Data Governance & Risk Framework – Emerging Economies

Embracing AI, specifically generative AI, brings about numerous benefits but also potential challenges. This masterclass is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of these opportunities and pitfalls. It seeks to equip individuals across diverse roles with the necessary knowledge and practical strategies to navigate the complex landscape of AI data governance effectively.

The masterclass focuses on understanding the implications of generative AI on data governance, providing clarity on risks and best practices. By exploring key concerns such as data privacy, accuracy, transparency, accountability, and ethical AI use, it will help participants make informed decisions that align with their company’s values and goals.

Moreover, this masterclass provides effective strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with generative AI, ensuring its safe, ethical, and responsible use. The practical strategies, coupled with the development of a customizable data governance checklist, will empower participants to manage and safeguard their organization’s AI data, an increasingly vital resource in today’s AI-driven world.

In essence, this masterclass is designed to arm you with the skills necessary to ensure robust data governance in an age increasingly dominated by generative AI.

Updated July 2022

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