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  • 30 Mini-Courses
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  • Monthly webinars
  • Special “BS Deals” on our favorite software services

30 Mini-Courses

Baachu’s comprehensive Mini-Courses Library makes it easy to finish projects quickly. Because we don’t just teach you the theory of marketing… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually get stuff DONE. Think of these as business checklists “on steroids.”

Monthly Webinars

These monthly webinars act as hands-on training for all aspects of Baachu Scribble. Each week the Baachu Scribble staff addresses a specific marketing tactic, tool and platform reviews, landing page critiques, and more.

Private Members-Only Community

Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with thousands of smart, generous Baachu Scribble and business owners who have been in your shoes. With members in virtually every industry (and every country on the globe) you’re sure to find someone who “gets you.”

Member Only Deals

Your Baachu membership entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on some of the hottest marketing tools and services in the industry. This one member benefit, alone, should pay for itself in the first 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Padi Basic, Padi+, and Padi ELITE?

Lab Basic is perfect for marketing pros who want community, and “just the facts” via the step-by-step, “checklists on steroids” we lovingly call Execution Plans. For marketers who want more in-depth training, Lab+ is the perfect option, because it’s everything in Lab Basic PLUS (hence the name) all our Master Classes and Certifications on topics such as Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Search Marketing…you get the idea.

And then there’s ELITE. Lab ELITE is the highest level of membership we offer at Baachu Scribble, and it’s for marketers who truly want it all! First, ELITE members get access to a smaller, “community within the community” where members of the BS Team and Faculty hang out every day. ELITE members also get to participate in live, virtual, 1-day workshops period. It’s also for marketing teams, since with Lab ELITE you can add up to 5 team members as opposed to the single user access that comes with the lower levels.

How often do you release new content?

Weekly! But don’t feel like you have to consume everything the moment it’s released. Everything we create is archived in the members area, so there’s no rush or pressure to access it in “real time.” Think of BS Lab as your always-available, Proposal Management library. There’s a reason it’s been called, “Netflix for Marketers.” 🙂

What skills do I need to have to get the most out of Lab?

The only skill you need is a willingness to learn. The BS Padi content and community has resources and advice for beginner and advanced marketers, alike, and we firmly believe there are no stupid questions. Heck, even the BS team learns a ton when our newest members ask supposedly “stupid questions” that remind us of things we should be doing, but aren’t for whatever reason.