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  • 21 day sprint – Day 2

    Posted by Baskar on January 10, 2023 at 9:05 pm

    Howdy friends!

    Today was day 2, hope you all enjoyed the session.

    Key Message:

    Your attention, the single most important property for your whole life. What you experience in your life is unique to you. No one else is experiencing exactly what you’re experiencing. In fact, your notion of who you are is the sum total of your experiences. And that’s your property. Reclaiming your attention as your property isn’t as difficult as it would be to reclaim physical property that was in someone else’s possession. When it comes to your attention, the moment you realize it’s yours, you get all of it back. Shift from “owned” to “owner” Today we will work on how to reclaim your attention from all distractions that have crept into your daily life.

    Click here to see the recorded session

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