Baachu Engage

Welcome to the Baachu Community!

I’m Aysha, the Community Manager for Baachu Engage Facebook group, where you can go to get answers to your bidding questions, ask for guidance and feedback on your bids, and network with your fellow Padi members. Please be sure to review our Group Guidelines, introduce yourself to the community, and make the most out of your Scribble experience! We’re so glad you’re here!

Baachu Engage is the go-to community for Baachu Scribble  members to get answers to any questions related to bidding best practices and growing business through tenders.

All of our members work hard to keep our community safe, comfortable, and pitch-free for everyone. You can review our Community Guidelines so you can help keep our community the most awesome place on the Internet.

Aysha Begum Director of Community