APMP Foundation

APMP Foundation Certification

APMP Foundation-level Certification is the first and the entry level for the APMP Certification Program. Candidates who would like to pursue a Practitioner-level Certification which is the second level after foundation must begin at this level.

Before starting with the APMP Foundation training Course it is very important to know about the basics of the course so here we go….

Details about the exam pattern

APMP Foundation exam is an one hour open book exam with 75 Multiple choice questions. To qualify for the APMP-Foundation level, you must have answered 42 or more questions correctly.

Mode of examination

This exam  can be taken as online or Face to Face with an APMP (ATO). The Aspiring Candidate should have minimum 1 to 3 years of experience in the bid and proposal environment, this experience does not have to be continuous (that is, it does not need to be 1 straight year without interruption for other job tasks).

Documents for submission

The candidate must also submit a reference that can verify 1 year of experience in a bid and proposals environment.

Memberships and Costs

Candidates do not have to be a member of APMP to take the exam, but the cost for non-member candidates is increased by the cost of membership.

Having the APMP Foundation Certification

You should have Foundation certification to demonstrate an extensive knowledge and understanding of best practices.

The Right time to take the course

If you are training with us , we strongly recommend you to book the APMP Foundation level exam within 2 weeks of completing the course. This ensures that the knowledge you have gained will be fresh in your memory and you will be able to pass the exam with confidence. 

If you are into self study, then we suggest you utilise our free resources then practice the mock APMP FOUNDATION test within APMG Portal before you book the exam. 

What does the exam test?

The APMP-Foundation level examination tests your knowledge and understanding of bids and proposals development. The questions are designed to test the capabilities defined in the APMP Examination Syllabus document, available from the examination website.

Who set the exam?

The examination content is controlled by the APMP Chief Examiner and the administration of the examination is undertaken by the APM Group – whose experience in providing on-line examinations ensures that this examination has a consistent standard of questions, wherever and whenever it is taken.

What is the cost of taking APMP Foundation Certification Exam ?

Before starting it is important to understand few things like if you are not a member I strongly suggest to become a member because even you can take the exam without becoming the member but your fees for the exams will still be increased by the membership fees. The membership fees is $160  dollars (as of 04.09.21) as a standard fee. The exam fee is $400. Know more about such details by watching our video (recorded in Apr 20). 

Are you interested in knowing more such small but very important details about the exams then checkout our free resources section to know more

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