APMP Certification

The APMP Professional Certification demonstrates

Superior leadership and communications skills by professionals who have proven sustainable customer interaction, proposal and bid management experience, and individual or organisational development and have improved proposal processes or infrastructure, delivering a quantifiable gain to an organisation or the industry.

APMP offers the world’s only industry-recognized certification program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment.

APMP Certification showcases your commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. These merits can help boost your professional credibility and prestige within your own network, with your current clients, and when pursuing new opportunities.

Preparing for an examination can get lonely. Why not join our community of exam aspirants and experienced professionals with whom you can share and get feedback.

Register now and get our “APMP – Exam Essential Guide – 1 ” which is a quick reference guide the covers important material from the APMP preparation guide in concise form.

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To know more about the certification programmes

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APMP-Foundation™ Level

This is an accreditation for a relatively new entrant into bids and proposals.

A minimum of one year’s experience in a proposals-related environment is mandatory along with a commitment to improve skills in this area.

The Foundation exam tests your knowledge of proposal and bid management best practices in 22 entry and early career competencies.

Candidates do not have to be a member of APMP to take the exam, but the cost for non-member candidates is more than the cost of membership.

The APMP-Foundation™ level accreditation has a multiple-choice open-book examination. At least 42 out of 75 questions need to be answered correctly.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”44″ font_color=”%231eaec1″]How Baachu's Proposal specialist equips APMP aspirants to fare better.[/text_block]
  • The Proposal specialist certification is a complete training environment that has been put together by specialists with practical experience of bid and proposal management.
  • The course examines each aspect covered in the APMP foundation level in detail.
  • This means that our training programme completely covers both the theoretical aspects of bid management but is also full practical tips to help you get an edge on your proposal.
  • This certification will give you an opportunity to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in the process of earning the certification, and have a broader understanding of the skills and toolsets that can be effective.
  • Baachu’s Proposal Specialist Certifications will help showcase that you have a demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession.
  • The advanced training, information, and knowledge you gain from the specialized coursework can provide you with up-to-date tools and technical strategies that will serve to guide and help you to ace the APMP certification.
  • The time and effort invested in this certification can increase your earning potential. In fact, one study found that online certifications increased salaries by 20 to 40%.
  • By acquiring new and updated industry information or techniques, you can hone current work habits that may be causing inefficiencies or quality issues with your output while increasing your competencies.
  • Completing this certification helps you gain confidence, which spills over into all aspects of your life.
  • The Proposal Specialist certification will serve as a differentiator against the competition and give you a definite advantage over the rest.
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