APMP Capture Practitioner Certification (CAP APMP)

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification (CAP APMP)

The APMP Capture Practitioner Certification assesses the knowledge and skills that demonstrate proficiency in Proposal and Bid Management based on the APMP Competency Framework and Syllabus. The knowledge and skills required for the Practitioner are documented in the APMP certification syllabus.

Experience Required?

The aspiring Candidate must have at least three years’ experience in the capture, sales, bid, and/or proposal fields. Before you begin preparing for the exam, you will need to submit a completed Capture Practitioner Examination Application. Complete the form, then scan and submit via the APMG portal site, which is listed on the bottom of the application.

Exam Duration and Time

It is a Two-and-a-half hour, online-only Objective Testing Examination (OTE).There will be no additional time provided. It involves  a provided scenario, Questions (about the scenario) that have been designed to test your knowledge and understanding of APMP best practices at two recognized learning levels.

Number of Question and Passing marks

This Exam will have 8 questions. The Pass Marks  of 40+/80 to pass (50%) will be required.

APMP Capture Practitioner Certification Training Course

Our APMP Capture Course is a uniquely comprehensive with  45 Video lessons with chapter guides detailing each of the key competency areas in the APMP Practitioner and Capture syllabus, overview of the exam process, format, and exam readiness plus LIVE webinar sessions over 4 weeks to review sample practitioner questions in small groups. Check out the video here

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